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Our Journey

We believe in building a brighter future in the field of technology with the most ethical and minimalistic ways possible. Solutions should be simple and accurate as much as possible. We are thinkers and innovators constantly striving to discover solutions to numerous technical and management problems.


Front-end Development Finished

After thousands of cuts and changes finally "Jobgar" got its face and ready for backend development.

Oct 20 2016

Term Jobgar Coined

This was the day when named "Jobgar" was coined for the project, domain name purchased.

Sep 23 2015

Team Eduphilic Formed

Thinking, brainstorming and wire-framing on "idea" started by the team.

Oct 21 2013

Company Incorporated

Eduphilic got registered in the corporate world.

Aug 30 2013


Priti Anurakta Pattanaik

event_seat Founder

The one with composure and boldness.

Anupam Pareek

event_seat Senior Designer and Developer

General of team's think tank.


event_seat Idea person

The idea person, the leader.

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  • Eduphilic Consultancy Private Limited(ECPL), Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India