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  • An Consultancy Company which will refresh your mood

What do we do for living ?

We develop our own projects, You are going to hear our name alot in 2018. As we are ready to launch 2 outstanding projects in the market
Jobs and Business


Job Portal which completes the cycle of finding jobs, interviewing, maintaining contacts and expanding business.

Education and Exams


Mock Test practice portal for students applying for Indian Defence Services.

Small Yet "Solid Team"

Soon we are going to get rid of "SMALL" word from every page of our website. Till then here is our minion team.

Preeti Anukrita


Vision should be analyzed with patience and applied with quick action

Anupam Pareek

Design Head

I don't only create pretty UIs but provide business solution designs.


Idea Person

Because I love to create.

Our Popular Crazy Blogs

Only thing which remains constant is CHANGE. Hence our Blogs are generally "CHANGE" centric.

One Country One Document

by Jay

We all know that Aadhaar is a 12 digit unique identity for every Indian individual issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI)...

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Homemaker is a Job position

by Jay

Mostly men/women who are home-maker, feel embarrassed whenever they are asked about their job status. The solution to tackle this issue which is...

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Building Dream Team

by Anupam

Building on an idea which is unique to the world requires extra ordinary researches and to make that happen for real you need a magnificent team...

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We promote Internships

We are daring enough to let youngsters carry the flag which is under proper guidance and mentorship.

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